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Underfloor heating

We have worked long and hard to develop an underfloor heating system to offer you an economical, safe, and environmentally-friendly solution that is easy to install.

LK Underfloor heating in all environments

The system is user friendly, and can be adapted to all floor constructions. We have solutions for installation in wooden joists, embedding in concrete and for load-bearing floors.

Building heating into the floor is a smart and simple way to increase the quality of life in the home. The heat spreads evenly over the entire room and the floor gets a comfortable temperature. When the heated floor is installed and the floor material laid, the thermostats are the only thing visible. They are placed in the rooms and communicate wirelessly or wired with the manifold. When you build a new building, or carry out a more extensive renovation, and add underfloor heating to all or large parts of the surface, the LK Manifold Cabinet is mounted into the wall. All floor heating loops are connected to the manifold located behind a discreet hatch for easy inspection.

You might think that you must install electric underfloor heating for small areas instead. But on the contrary, many people prefer to have water-based underfloor heating even at small floor areas. Then you can use the existing water-borne system and save energy. When you renovate an entrance, bathroom, kitchen or laundry room and lay tiled floors, it is good to install underfloor heating to get rid of the cold feeling in the floor. If you have water-based elements in the rest of the house, there is no problem connecting water-based underfloor heating to the existing system.

We at LK are keen to develop and manufacture quality products that are easy to handle. When it comes to underfloor heating, LK is a leading company with many years of experience. You can be confident with our solutions that are developed in Sweden and comply with Swedish standards, and you always have access to spare parts. If you feel unsure about your choice, you are always welcome to contact our knowledgeable support for advice.

LK UnderFloor heating