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Floor heating in outdoor rooms

Previously, water-based underfloor heating was often not looked upon as an alternative when building outdoor rooms because of the risk that the underfloor heating pipes would be damaged by freezing. One alternative has been to allow the heat to be on all year, even during the coldest months when the outdoor room is not in use, or to install electric underfloor heating.

Enjoy your outdoor room from early in the spring to late into the autumn.

There is now a simple pre-assembled solution that offers you an opportunity to use the house's water heating system.

The solution is the LK Heat Exchanger Pack, which separates the underfloor heating from the heating system used in the rest of the house. The underfloor heating system can then use frost protection with glycol and in this way you can safely shut down the system without risking damage from freezing.


The LK Heat Exchanger Pack is a complete pre-assembled unit comprising a heat exchanger, circulation pump, manometer, expansion vessel, filter and a control valve with an automatic thermostat and sensor connected via a capillary tube.

The control valve has settings for variable Kv values and can therefore be adapted to the size of the project. The Heat Exchanger Pack is constructed so that it can be mounted directly to the manifold. The pack can be connected to either the right or left of the manifold.

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Exchanger pack for underfloor heating

The LK Heat Exchanger Pack is primarily designed for glycol based underfloor heating systems that must be isolated from other heating systems. This could be a garden summer house or garage, i.e. areas where a minimum temperature is required during the winter or where the system can be completely closed off without the risk of the underfloor heating system being damaged by freezing.

The exchange pack is also suitable for smaller snow/ground heating systems, such as a driveway, or path etc.