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  • LK Room Control Arc

    LK Room Control Arc

    The floor heating regulation system of the future

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    LK Systems

    Join us in our virtual city - LK Village - where you can explore products and systems that fit most types of properties and projects.

Floor Heating

Floor Heating

The system is user friendly and can be adapted to all floor constructions. We have solutions for installation in wooden joists, embedding in concrete and for load-bearing floors.



The universal system contains a wide range of pipes, installation components, installation cabinets, manifolds, fittings, and valves.


Prefabrication gives you time-saving, safe and profitable installations. We are with you every step of the way from start to finish, with quality thinking at all stages.

Hydronic System

Hydronic System

LK Teknisk Armatur is a range for both substations and villas. There are also high-tech products such as water fault circuit breakers and meters, tap water fittings and heating fittings.

Your HVAC supplier

LK Systems is a leader in the Nordic region in solutions for heating and tap water systems. We provide proprietary systems and products for underfloor heating, tap water, and renovation. The systems are easy to install, and we also manufacture customized systems that simplify installation. From idea to finished product, here you get the smartest solutions, today and in the future.

Measures water flow in real time


Extra long ECO Repair Coupler

New thinking for installations

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