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Snow Melting

LK Snow Melting is a pipe system designed to keep the ground snow and ice-free. LK has considerable expertise through many years of experience of snow melting.

Increased safety and comfort with water-borne ground heating

Snow melting is an effective tool for preventing slippery accidents, increasing accessibility and reducing the need for cleaning in winter. By choosing water-borne ground heating, the user can utilize waste heat from various processes as well as district heating returns.

Snow melting at its best

Surfaces that is constantly free from ice and snow can be achieved by using LK Snow Melting. The system is not only suitable for streets, squares, arenas and larger industrial premises, but also parks, car parks and driveways. All of the system's components are made from non-corrosive materials, which offers a long lifespan and minimum maintenance needs.


Demand controlled operation

The system comprises loops with ground heating pipes that are connected to buried manifolds. The snow melting system includes equipment for needs-based operation. Operation is controlled by sensors in the ground that measure temperature and precipitation and turn on ground heating when needed.

Effective low temperature system

Because LK Snow Melting is a low temperature system you can effectively use waste heat from various other processes or district heating returns.

Advantages of water-borne ground heating

  • Reduces the risk of slippery accidents
  • Increased accessibility for the old and disabled people
  • Reduced need for de-icing, snow removal and cleaning
  • Waste heat and district heating returns come into use
  • Streamlines district heating production
  • Less dirt and slush in the shops
Snow Melting