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Water Safety System

Prevent a leak from becoming a major injury

LK CubicSecure protects your
home from water damage

Protects the home from leaks 24/7

CubicSecure monitors the water flow around the mattress to detect all types of leaks. The system has an immediate shutdown capability and is ready to alert administrators and tenants if the accident is imminent.

Leak alarm with award-winning technology

Together with the MyLK app, CubicSecure provides access to temperature, water flow and pressure tests anytime, anywhere. Real-time monitoring gives you maximum control over the water flow.

Quick and easy plumber installation

Our LK-certified installers make sure you get started with your water circuit breaker.

Always in full control with MyLK

CubicSecure notifies you through the MyLK app as soon as a discrepancy is detected and allows you to take action directly from your phone, wherever you are. The app allows you to connect multiple family members to the device for added security and monitoring.

In addition to the alarm function and shutdown options, the app provides full control of your water consumption in real time.

CubicSecure also works without a phone or internet connection and then alerts with an audio signal. The valve can be controlled manually, for example in the event of a power failure.

Protection against all levels of leakage

Micro leakage
CubicSecure detects possible micro-leakage through pressure tests every night at 4:00 AM. The customer receives a notice after the second leak and the valve is closed after the third notice.

Intermediate leakage
The product shuts off the water if the continuous flow during 45 minutes is more than 6-1499 liters/hour. Option to deactivate and start the water yourself is available in the app.

Pipe break leakage
In case of pipe rupture leakage, where the flow corresponds to 1500 liters per hour or more, the valve closes immediately after 90-120 seconds.

Water damage is the single largest damage cost in insurance cases. A CubicSecure is always a good investment to give you security. Because CubicSecure is type approved by Rise, most insurance companies also offer a discount on your home insurance, reduced excess, or grant a grant for the installation cost! Check with your insurance company what applies to you!

Homeowners and plumbing professionals like it

It is exciting with this type of new technology. With this system, our tenants and we as property owners will gain a better understanding of our consumption and perhaps in this way help our tenants to live more sustainably.

Magnus Jägre, IT & Sustainability Manager

One less thing I have to worry about. Also good to gain visibility into our water use.

Gustaf, Villa owner

CubicSecure installed through the insurance company detected a leaking toilet and flush button that was wasting water, making the user happy and saving unnecessary water consumption. It also helped save water when the user was away for the weekend with a loose pressurized garden hose last summer.

Jonas Högström, Plumbing installer

Award-winning technology keeps your home safe

With CubicSecure, you get a very advanced functionality to protect your home against water damage. The water fault switch is designed to facilitate both installation for the installer and handling for the end user.

CubicSecure is manufactured and assembled in Sweden.

Small device, easy installation

Measuring just 110mm, CubicSecure is the world's smallest all-in-one waterproof device. The water fault breaker has a powerful and intelligent technology with a valve, a motor and pressure, temperature and ultrasonic sensors.

CubicDetector extends protection in risk zones

With one or more CubicDetectors deployed and connected to CubicSecure, you get extended protection against leaks. The detectors are placed where the risk of hidden leaks is greatest. For example, in a kitchen cabinet under the sink.

The detectors detect direct contact with water and continuously measure temperature and humidity.

If you want to keep track of the water flow in several places or more granular control over the water flow, you can connect several CubicSecures.

See how CubicSecure works