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Underfloor heating inquiry

Underfloor heating inquiry / Checklist

At LK, we help you with your project! Our knowledge and experience guarantee you security, comfort and the best possible overall economy for many years.

The normal timeline for a project is usually as follows:

  1. You contact your local installer/plumber.

  2. You meet, go through your project together and decide where you want underfloor heating and discuss the conditions.

  3. The installer will then contact us at LK, who will help with a preliminary material specification of what is needed for your project.

  4. The installer contacts you again, you go through the project and the solutions chosen. Here you will also receive a quote for materials and work from the installer.

  5. When you have decided and are in agreement, the installer contacts LK for planning. Everything is compiled in a project folder that we call "LK Floor Heating documents". There you will receive a drawing, calculation, material specification and all the necessary assembly instructions for your project, while it can form a valuable checklist.  



Inquiry form underfloor heating

You can also send your project directly to us at LK to get a solution proposal for underfloor heating. You can then take that with you to your local dealer.

  • Use this Inquiry Form which you can also use as your own checklist.