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We believe in a sustainable future

Constantly striving towards more environmentally sound products, solutions and systems requires not only rules and stated environmental objectives, it also requires commitment, attitude changes and practical tools for the daily work. Therefore, we have for a long time given space and resources to secure environmental work throughout the organization, and today we can say that the staff of LK, wholeheartedly and with skill, has the environment in mind at all times.

A more environmentally friendly choice

The LK Universal Eco product series is manufactured from dezincification resistant lead-free brass and comprises press fittings, manifolds and wall boxes that are used for HVAC installations. We are constantly trying to reduce the environmental impact of our products, and plan to expand the lead-free range gradually.

Recycled material in products

We always aim to use recycled materials in our products. All products with recycled material have the Recycle symbol in our product range.

LK HeatFloor 22 is Nordic Ecolabelled

LK HeatFloor 22, Slotted and Turning Board has received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This means that the board meets the Ecolabel's high standards on the limit value for formaldehyde emissions into the indoor environment.

LK HeatFloor 22, Slotted Board
LK HeatFloor 22, Turning Board

Reduced impact on the environment with waste heat

When our factory in Ulricehamn was being built, it was obvious to focus on a reduced impact on the environment. We then built a large tank under the facility where waste heat is recycled from production and heats the entire facility with an area of 18,000 m2. The surplus heat from PEX factory production is the sole means of heating of the warehouse. From that point, we also supply energy for the district heating network of the municipality.

ISO environmental and quality certification

In order to ensure a quality and environmentally friendly production, we have developed an integrated management system according to ISO standards. We have been assessed and certified by LRQA in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and 9001:2015.

Download Environmental and quality certificate ISO14001 & ISO9001 (PDF)
Download Policy for Environment and Quality (PDF)

Environmentally sound product management

In order to ensure an efficient and environmentally sound management of our products, we have chosen to join El-Kretsen. El-Kretsen operates a collection system and ensures that the collected batteries and electrical and electronic products are disposed of and recycled in an environmentally sound and correct manner according to applicable laws.

Download Battery certificate
Download Product certificate


The government waste directive obliges households and companies to submit their packaging and newspapers for recycling. We are members of FTI, a recycling organization for packaging and newspapers.

Download Membership certificate (PDF)

Code of Conduct

LK has implemented a Code of Conduct, in support of reaching LK Group’s overarching environmental, economic, social goals and principles. The Code of Conduct put expectations on ourselves and our suppliers in respect to fundamental human rights, fair and respectful treatment of workforce, business ethics and impact on the environment. Suppliers shall ensure that their suppliers, contractors, and agents are in compliance with this code, as well as assessing their own performance against the code. 
LK Gruppens uppförandekod.pdf
Supplier_Code of conduct.pdf

The transports from the central warehouse are now carbon-neutral

We climate compensate for the carbon dioxide that is formed when goods are transported from the logistics center to our customers by planting trees with the Vi Agroforestry. LK Systems helps improve the environment and combat poverty in eastern Africa. Read more about sustainability at LK.

We are gold sponsor for Team Rynkeby - God Morgon

Team Rynkeby - Good Morgon is part of a European charity project that collects money every year for children with cancer and their families. They are collecting money for the Swedish Children's Cancer Fund Barncanderfonden.



LK sponsors WaterAid

WaterAid works to improve access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone.

LK sponsors UNICEF

UNICEF is working all over the world for all children to have the childhood they are entitled to.