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Floor heating in individual rooms

Many people believe you can only use electric underfloor heating in small spaces. This is of course not the case, and people frequently prefer water-based underfloor heating in order to utilise the existing water system and save energy.

Connecting underfloor heating to an existing system

Today it has become very common to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or hall. Tiled floors are popular and most people then opt to install underfloor heating in order to avoid a cold floor.

If you have radiators in the rest of the house then it is no problem to connect underfloor heating to the existing system. There are various ways to solve this depending on the size of the room. 

It is not difficult, and is largely about finding an underfloor heating system that is suitable for your floor construction and a mixing unit (referred to as a shunt group below) to connect it to the existing system.

If you need more information then you can read our detailed assembly instructions at "Technical documentation". If you cannot find a suitable construction, or are unsure about your choice, then you are always welcome to contact our customer support for expert advice. 

Underfloor heating with LK Minishunt M60n

LK Minishunt M60n is a complete shunt unit for a low investment cost. It is also very compact. The Minishunt does not need to be visible but is usually placed in a cabinet, wardrobe etc. The only visible component is the room sensor which is placed on the wall in order to monitor the room temperature and adapt the shunt group's temperature.

LK Mini Loop Valve RTB when installing smaller underfloor heating surfaces

LK Mini Loop Valve RTB is the obvious choice for underfloor heating installations in smaller spaces up to 5 m², such as bathrooms, halls or laundry rooms. Remember that it can only be used for a system where the pipe is installed in concrete or screed.


LK Minishunt M60n är en blandningsenhet för mindre golvytor upp till 60 m².

Connecting underfloor heating to an existing system with LK Minishunt M60n

The Minishunt is used to connect an existing heating system when underfloor heating is to be installed in one or a few rooms and when radiators are used in the rest of the house. The Minishunt mixes inflow water with the cooler outflow water and in this way you avoid excessively hot floors.

Control the temperature in wireless and portable mode

LK Minishunt M60n is equipped with a thermostat and a room sensor that regulate the temperature in the room. You may add on an electric room thermostat, which also is available in a wireless version (especially useful during renovations, when wiring is difficult). This gives you a digital display showing the room temperature. It also gives you the option to connect via the “LK AtHome” app to control and monitor the heat remotely.