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How it all began...

Founded in 1910 as Lagerstedt & Krantz. LK was originally a wholesale agency and an iron manufacturing company, focused primarily on sales.


Operations were taken over by Lars Schuberth and Albrecht Behm, and the range of products was expanded to include water, waste-water, and HVAC products.


As general agents the company now had great success with several well-known brand names; KWC’s “spakblandar” programme for public spaces; sewerage systems and cisterns in plastic from Geberit; sanitation products from the Dutch company Sphinx and bathtubs from the Italian manufacturer Zoppas.


One of the most important events in the company's history took place in 1970 when the company was made general agent for Conex fittings for HVAC installations. The agency for these fittings that save on installation time came about because of the demand by heating and plumbing wholesalers and sales took off. Conex become the cornerstone of LK’s continued growth and profitability that was used to create a nationwide distribution network of installers and heating and plumbing wholesalers. The sales force continued to have access to new time-saving heating and plumbing products and systems to launch in the Swedish construction market.


With these successes the company grew in size. The old industrial building in Bromma was purchased in 1977 and an office and warehouse was built in Malmo, Helsingborg and Oslo in 1980, 1987 and 1990 respectively. In addition to the property in Oslo, Lagerstedt & Krantz Fastigheter AB markets, owns and manages other business sector properties in the company.

Over time, LK transformed from a trader of other companies’ products into a developer and producer of its own, more technically advanced, products and solutions.


The company was sold to the Behm family and Stikkan Anderssons’s Music Sweden AB. The Behm family would finally take over the whole company in 1995. The company’s first location outside Sweden is established in Oslo.


The subsidiary LK Armatur AB was now established in Helsingborg and during its years of operation, LK Armatur has launched many unique and popular products, such as MultiFill, ThermoMat, MultiZone and HydroMix


LK began manufacturing valves, filters, and actuators for the marine industry.


For the further development of LK’s heat and tap water systems polyethylene pipes took on a central and strategically important role. With the task of developing and manufacturing this kind of pipe the company LK Pex AB was set up in Ulricehamn. Today, from its own factory, the company supplies not only its sister companies LK Systems and LK Armatur, but also retailers in Europe, the USA and the Middle East with its proprietary quality pipes. 


LK started to produce and sell high-quality PE-Xa pipes at its production facility.


To meet increasing demand, LK began to prefabricate its own products and systems.


LK Armatur opens its production facility in Zrenjanin, Serbia. The Serbian production facility is an exact reflection of the pipe production in Helsingborg and is primarily used to produce prefabricated pipe systems in copper and stainless steel.


LK Systems grows and establishes a new company in Finland.


The separate company LK International is established with the aim of being able to offer the UK market products from the LK Group’s three business areas - LK Armatur, LK Pex and LK Systems.


LK inaugurates a modern pipe factory of 10,000 m2. in Ulricehamn.


A single common brand platform is developed. All subsidiaries now belong to the one and the same brand - LK.


LK Armatur Deutschland GmbH is founded.


LK and Quandify commence collaboration.This new and unique water meter uses patented technology and is assembled on the outside of the pipe, which creates positive effects in terms of both time and cost. The company and the technology are the result of research conducted at KTH and aim to create increased awareness of water consumption. In addition to this collaboration, LK also becomes a part-owner of Quandify.

LK celebrates 110 years, 1910 - 2020.


Maxitherm was founded in 1942 and was acquired by LK in 2022. Today, Maxitherm is one of the leading companies in the industry and has the widest range of flexible pipe systems on the market.