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From start to finish

Prefabrication gives you time-saving, safe and profitable installations

We are with you every step of the way from start to finish, with quality thinking at all stages. Our design engineers have vast technical knowledge, and the assembly work is carried out under optimal conditions in our own production facility.

All can be prefabricated

We have the experience and expertise required to prefabricate almost all plumbing solutions. For example, water meter cabinets, manifold cabinets, wet room modules, main raisers and drain traps.

Building more efficient

The installer simply needs to mount and connect the finished product. There is a huge time savings compared to assembling all individual components of the product yourself. Spill and waste cease to exist. 


We join together various heating and plumbing elements into larger units or complete systems. We work mainly in materials such as PE-X, AluPex, PP-R and PEH. Naturally, we comply with all industry regulations.

Doing it right from the outset

We take part in the planning and construction stages and can therefore offer heating and plumbing solutions that are right from the outset.

The material and component choices made by our experienced constructors guarantee you a total solution that works on the building site.

Minimises manual handling at the construction site

In addition to the faster installation times, you benefit from reduced warehousing costs since we deliver clearly-marked packages to the right place at the right time. Each shipment is packed in a way that minimises manual handling at the construction site. Purchasing is easier, delivery inspection runs more smoothly, and administration is simpler. Tell us about your project and we will customise an effective solution – whether you need individual units or really large volumes.

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