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Underfloor heating during the summer

You can now have warm floors even during the summer using water-based underfloor heating.

LK Heater 350

The LK Heater 350 is an electric comfort heater for underfloor heating installations with the LK Minishunt M60. The LK Heater 350 enables warm rooms during the summer months in individual rooms (such as a bathroom) when the house's heating is off.
When the heating season begins again then the electric comfort heating is turned off and the space is again heated by the house's heating system.

The LK Heater 350 is together with the LK Minishunt M60 a small and compact unit intended for use in individual rooms with underfloor heating. 
The unit replaces the room's radiators.

An existing installation can also be supplemented with the LK Heater 350.