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Dalarnas villa

LK delivers to Dalarnas Villa

Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag runs an educational project where a villa is built to demonstrate damage prevention and sustainable solutions. LK is one of the suppliers to the house of the future, which will increase competence in the construction industry. Dalarnas Villa is a house with 150 square meters of living space. Nordic Ecolabelling and sustainability thinking are evident, among other things, through conscious choice of materials, solar panels and smart control of heating and ventilation systems.


Underfloor heating and tap water from LK

LK has supplied systems for underfloor heating and tap water in the house. In addition, after consultation with Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag, they have constructed side-fed installation cabinets without pipe penetrations at the bottom. This innovative solution minimizes the risk of leakage and the slot where the pipes emerge from the plate facilitates future maintenance.

Vattenfelsbrytare minskar skaderisken

Water damage in the home constituted the largest damage in terms of value for households in 2017 with a total damage amount of SEK 2.3 billion, according to statistics from Swedish Insurance. In Dalarnas Villa, the tap water system is monitored using water fault switches from LK. Dalarnas Försäkringbolag encourages its customers to install water safety systems as this prevents the occurrence and limits the extent of water damage. Johan Pettersson tells us that they give the insurance company's customers a security contribution when installing water safety systems and they avoid the deductible in the event of damage. Dalarnas Villa is expected to be ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2019. During the first five years, an employed doctoral student will conduct research on the house. A family with two adults and two children will live in the house during the research period. The research concerns, among other things, damage prevention measures, energy consumption, indoor environment and life cycle costs.

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