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Teknisk Armatur

Teknisk Armatur

For safe and secure homes

LK Teknisk Armatur is a range both for substations and villas. Here you can also find high-tech products such as water fault switches and meters, tap water fittings and heating fittings.


LK CubicSecure - innovative water fault breaker

LK CubicSecure measures water flow in real time and detects water leaks immediately. The water circuit breaker protects homes from damage caused by drip leaks and burst water pipes. LK CubicSecure is easily connected to Wi-Fi and then provides notifications about alarms and the ability to see the individual water consumption. The compact design makes it easy to mount LK CubicSecure in cabinets and wet room cassettes.


LK CubicDetector - alarms in case of leakage

LK CubicDetector is placed where leakage can occur, for example in a kitchen cupboard or on the floor in a laundry room. The detector alerts connected mobiles and together with LK CubicSecure, the device can shut off the water flow to prevent water damage. LK CubicDetector also warns at low temperature and high humidity. The detector can be used completely stand-alone without Wi-Fi and then alarms with an audio signal.

A smart insurance against water damage

Prevention is something that insurance companies really like. In their world, water damage constitutes a significant cost – up to SEK 5 billion each year. Most insurance companies will therefore offer you a reduced premium if you install the LK Water Safety System. From a safety perspective, a water safety system is as wise a choice as an RCDs. While a RCDs protects your home from damage caused by electrical faults, the water safety system protects you from water damage.

LK CubicSecure

Water fault circuit breaker

LK CubicSecure measures water flow in real time and detects water leaks immediately. The water fault circuit breaker protects homes from water damage.

LK CubicMeter


An intelligent water meter system for homeowners that enables partial measurement cost-effectively. The unique design allows it to be installed on existing pipes.

Tap Water Hydronic

Tap Water Hydronic

Hudronic Solutions intended for tap water with, for example, Mixing valves, valve combinations, thermal HVAC valves, etc.

Heating Hydronic

Heating Hydronic

Hydtronic Solutiion intended for heating installations with pump groups, shunts, shunt automatics, filling valves, etc.

LK CubicSecure

LK Parallel-connected water meter bracket