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Stambyte i Uddevalla

Faster drain stack replacement with wet room modules

Bravida uses LK Wet Room Modules for a major drain stack replacement at Uddevallahem. This drain stack replacement is part of a major renovation of six housing properties. The buildings were constructed in the mid-1960s and accommodate a total of 231 apartments. The modules are prefabricated and custom-made for the project, which considerably reduces the installation time.

The modules fit well and are of very good quality. Most things are already prepared, so installation is quick and easy.

Anders Pettersson, project manager at Bravida

LK Våtrumskassett installeras

Custom project solution for renovation and new production

The wet room modules  are manufactured at LK's production plant in Gävle. They are used for both renovation and new production and are designed on the basis of the criteria for the project in question. This is a less extensive intervention than a traditional drain stack  replacement, so tenants can stay in their apartments during the renovation. The modules  are supplied according to the stairwell-by-stairwell principle in order to stick to the schedule and facilitate installation.

LK is extremely service-minded and answers our questions quickly. They have adapted the modules according to our wishes – as regards the securing arrangement, for example. The products are supplied on time, and we never have to worry about whether spare parts will be needed.

Anders Pettersson, project manager at Bravida

Bravida has given us plenty of information in the form of construction drawings and schedules. Our exchange of experience throughout the entire project has been very rewarding. Among other things, their team has visited our plant in Gävle to learn more about prefabrication.

Hendrik Söderlund, project manager at LK

Compliance with applicable construction and industry regulations

LK Wet Room Module SAFE is compliant with the National Board of Building, Planning and Housing's Building Regulations (BBR) for fire safety, hygiene, health and the environment. LK also took into account industry regulations from Säker Vatten, Byggkeramikrådet (BKR) and Golvbranschens våtrumskontroll (GVK) when creating its wet room module. This module has a central wastewater manifold that separates the hot and cold water pipes, which provides space for thicker insulation around the water manifolds. LK's design for slab lead-through ensures that the insulation through the slab and base of the shaft is continuous.

"Interest in prefabricated wet room modules is growing all the time. Many older properties need their drain stacks replaced, and more and more stakeholders are realizing what benefits are offered by this solution," says Hendrik Söderlund.

"I am really pleased with LK's wet room modules , and I have already decided to use them for another project," says Anders Pettersson.

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