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LK Room Control Arc

The floor heating system of the future

Design that warms you up

Warmth should be felt, but not seen. Heat should just be there and work. Like a warm welcome when the door opens to a home. Be comfortable and provide an even room temperature.

LK Room Control Arc

We have created the underfloor heating system of the future for all environments. With discreet thermostats that come in several shapes and colors. Meet LK Arc - room control with a timeless and selectable design, always connected and with smart functions in focus.

Wireless and wired

LK Arc is an optimized room control system with full control over comfort and function. The central unit, sensors and thermostats communicate wirelessly or wired, or even in combination.

Timeless design

The visible units have discreet, selectable shapes that make it easy to furnish with LK Arc regardless of the environment in which the units are mounted.


Connected Freedom

With the MyLK app, the user is always connected and has full control of the underfloor heating system via mobile and tablet. With the MyLK app, the heating in the home is controlled and the temperature can be adjusted room by room. The app has several smart features and is very easy to use. For example, the user can activate the holiday function or control the heating in the holiday home remotely at the touch of a button. The app can be used with all our underfloor heating systems, which are controlled via LK Arc, where connectivity is included as standard.
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LK Arc is carefully assembled to enable an optimized system for all users, both in terms of form, function and assembly. The configuration wizard will help you choose.

LK Underfloor Heating

Do you already know what you are looking for? On the product pages, you will find LK System's complete range for an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and, above all, heating underfloor heating range.

LK Arc on Youtube

How does LK Arc work in everyday life? How can an app-controlled system make life easier for you as a user, and is it true that you can replace your older room control system with LK Arc? We'll give you the answers!