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Low profile underfloor heating

We have two underfloor heating systems that are specifically designed to add as little height as possible to the floor. This is particularly useful during renovation work when every millimetre is usually important. Our other underfloor heating systems are often suitable for renovations, but we look here at our two most low profile systems.

LK Underfloor Heating EPS 16

The LK Slotted Board EPS 16 is the solution for anyone that wants to renovate and has a low ceiling. The insulating slotted board is only 16 mm thick and is installed on the existing floor.

The underfloor heating pipes are simply "pushed" into the slotted board, which is covered with a bonded aluminium plate. This plate evenly distributes the heat from the pipes across the entire floor surface. The floor covering is then installed directly onto the slotted board, without an intermediate floor, which would raise the profile height needlessly. 

  • Ideal for renovation
  • Downward insulation
  • Suitable for all types of floor covering
  • Low installation height: from 25 mm

LK Underfloor Heating 8 mm

The LK Underfloor Heating system with 8 mm heating pipes is mainly intended for underfloor heating installations in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, halls, laundry rooms, etc. The low profile makes the system particularly suitable for renovations, extensions and also for new building.

The LK Underfloor Heating system 8 has a profile height of only 10 mm including the underfloor heating pipes. This is excluding screed and the floor covering.

  •  Low build-up height, ideal for renovation
  •  Smoothly and easily laid
  •  Simple pipe connection using the LK PushFit 8