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Press tools

Complete range of press machines and press jaws

LK Press Tools is a complete range of press machines and press jaws for our LK PressPex fittings in the Universal range and LK>B<Press. You can easily connect Press Machine Connect to your mobile to see the machine's status.


All LK machines are hydraulic, which means the correct pressing force is provided. This is important so the press couplings are joined to the intended profile.

The press jaws must in many cases cope with several tonnes of pressing force, and are therefore made from wrought or cast iron. Profile sections are mirror-polished.

Environment and working environment

All of the battery-powered press machines we sell are equipped with environmentally-friendly Li-Ion batteries. When required, the ingress protection class is IP54 and naturally with a CE marking. There is even a press tool when you must work spark-free.

LK Systems is affiliated with El-Kretsen for disposing of used press machines and batteries.

We have specialist expertise in press tools.

Service and repairs

In order for our press tools to work well in demanding work environments, it is important that they undergo annual service, and the press jaws should also be checked annually. It provides secure installations.

We have therefore developed a service workshop specialized in our particular press tools, with certified and experienced service technicians. With our service workshop, we take overall responsibility for Press tools, which means that you always get fast and knowledgeable service.


Connecting pipes can be a heavy, monotonous and uncomfortable job. Our machines are light-weight, lighter than similar machines, in order to avoid strain injuries. The press heads are adjustable for the best possible comfort.


Press tools must be able to cope with a significant strain, in extreme cases up to 15,000 pressings per year. Service and maintenance are therefore essential for high-quality and trouble-free operation. We provide accessibility with an on-call service, and follow-up using a database sending reminders for regular service.


LK Systems is affiliated with El-Kretsen for disposing of used press machines and batteries.