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From start to finish

Own production

LK Prefab offers prefabricated solutions for the plumbing industry. The production takes place in our own factory in Gävle, where we have an optimized manufacturing process and the opportunity to tailor solutions adapted to the project's unique conditions.

LK SECURE Shaft Bottom

The LK SECURE Shaft Bottom ensures that the bottom of your shaft is sealed. A prefabricated, rational solution that saves both time and money during building projects. No coordination of different kinds of tradesmen is required as your HVAC installer can carry out all aspects of the work. The LK SECURE Shaft Bottom can be delivered direct to site complete with all necessary components.


The industry's widest range of prefab hatches

Doing it right from the outset

We take part in the planning and construction stages and can therefore offer heating and plumbing solutions that are right from the outset.

The material and component choices made by our experienced constructors guarantee you a total solution that works on the building site.

LK Distribution box SQUARE

Distribution box with a focus on simplicity.

LK Wet Room Module

Fast and safe drain stack replacement

LK Installation wall OPTIMAL

Bathroom construction is considerably simplified with prefabricated installation walls for toilets and washbasins.