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07 March, 2023

Multifunctional tools for assembly and disassembly

We present more smart tools for assembly and disassembly, etc.

Smart tools

LK Pipe Grip Plier 16-32

LK Pipe Grip Pliers 16-32 facilitate assembly of LK PE-X and LK PAL Universal pipes in LK PushFit couplings, for example in tight spaces.

  • Handles more pipe dimensions, now 16-32
  • Easier to use for dimension 25 compared to previous model

Tool Wall box UNI / Grip V2

Used for mounting and dismounting the internal plastic nut in LK Angle Wall Box UNI and LK Wall Box for concrete. ​​

  • Better grip in the plastic nut for the wall box
  • Two functions in one tool with explanatory labeling​

PiP 16 Exchange Nipple V3

Intended to be used when replacing media pipes 16 mm in pipe in pipe. Jointed with wire between the two nipples for the old and new pipe.

  • Beveled nipple for easier replacement
  • Supplied in a storage sleeve

Tightness Tester

Simplified tightness control with air for certain pipe systems

  • Easy tightness check in winter, where you don't have to empty the system of water after checking the tightness
  • Simplified tightness testing with air
  • Fits directly on GV filling valve (G15)