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LK Systems

- one of northern Europe's leading HVAC-suppliers, since 1910. 
We provide proprietary systems and products for under floor heating, tap water, radiator heating and drains.

Complete documentation

Under each system and product group you will find the latest version of our technical descriptions, project planning- & assembly instructions, and operating and maintenance instructions.

Thinking about installing floor heating?

Choose the right underfloor heating system - that fits your needs.

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Thinking about installing floor heating?

LK Floor Heating works just as well in new construction as in renovation.

Complimentary to the installation systems, we have a wide range of accessories for your underfloor heating system; room temperature control, cabinets, shunts, etc.

Quick and easy drain stack replacement

By choosing LK Wet Room Module, your work will be more efficient and you will save both time and money. One main advantage is that tenants will not need to move out of their apartments during the renovation. 

The final result provides a safe, secure, and economic installation of a prefabricated system with a minimal extension from the wall.

LK Ground Heating

Permanently ice and snow free ground surfaces become reality with LK Ground Heating. The system is suitable for streets, squares, stadia and large industrial facilities; projects range from Football Grounds, to parking lots, down to driveways. The system consists of buried manifolds and ground heating pipe loops, connected to low temperature heat source.

LK Room Temperature Control

The only thing you will see of your under floor heating installation is the room thermostat with straight and stylish lines in an ageless design. You can furnish completely freely and allow your own preferences and ideas to steer without taking into account radiators and pipe works.

LK Universal - unique pipe system for both heating and water

Using one pipe instead of three makes operation much easier and produces less waste.

LK Floor Heating

We have underfloor heating for all types of joists and even have special versions suitable for low ceilings. For more than 30 years, LK Systems has supplied water-based underfloor heating.
During this time, we have developed and refined our floor heating system so it has become even more economical, safe and comfortable. Plus, of course, easy to install.

By responding to market needs

and working closely with players in the industry we have developed a unique systems thinking. Today our heating and plumbing solutions are the natural first choice for many. At the same time as we are spurred on to change and improve even more, and to continue to develop the best products and systems on the market.

System-adapted in accordance with trade regulations

New requirements were introduced on 1 January 2011 as part of the "Safe Water Installation" standards. When you choose an LK Underfloor Heating System you can be sure that you have a system adapted to market requirements and regulations.

The requirements mean among other things that the underfloor heating manifold must be mounted in a cabinet with a water-tight base including a drainage pipe that will discharge any potential leak onto the floor where it can easily be seen.

All of our underfloor heating cabinets meet these requirements. We have a large range of cabinets for different products and installations. Cabinets are available both for building into a wall and for external installation.


Read the latest news about LK Systems, our products, and information on upcoming events and trade fairs.

Supplier Code of Conduct

LK Systems has implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct, in support of reaching LK Group’s overarching environmental, economic, social goals and principles.

100 percent to children with cancer

LK is a gold sponsor to Team Rynkeby. It is the 15th time that Team Rynkeby bycycles to Paris to raise money for children with cancer and their families. The Bicycle team consists this year of 1600 cyclists and 400 service participants divided into 38 teams in five countries; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Färöarna.