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preinsulated pipes

Preinsulated pipes

with the lowest Lambda value on the market

LK Maxitherm

LK Maxitherm offers the market's widest range when it comes to flexible preinsulated pipes. With over 75 years of experience in pipeline and thermal insulation, Maxitherm is an obvious choice for you who are looking for flexible preinsulated pipes with the lowest Lambda value on the market. At Maxitherm, we work continuously with quality assurance. Our preinsulated pipes are manufactured under quality and environmental certification according to ISO 9001/14001.

Economic solutions

There are always different solutions to preinsulated pipes problems, but it is important to find the most economical solution. Either it applies to more extensive preinsulated pipes in "heavy" dimensions for district heating or a less delimited preinsulated pipes for group or terraced house areas and individual houses. We at MAXITHERM® have many years of experience in preinsulated pipes solutions.

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Assortment of preinsulated pipes

CALPEX for heating and tap water

CASAFLEX a flexible tubular steel preinsulated pipes for heating

EIGERFLEX insulated cold and wastewater pipes with heating cable

COOLMANT straight insulated PE pipes for cooling, drainage and drinking water

COOLFLEX a flexible PE preinsulated pipes for cooling, drainage and drinking water

CALPEX-ALU for heating and domestic hot water

Installation of winding