LK Systems is now one of northern Europe’s leading HVAC suppliers.

Being continuously aware of the markets changing needs by listening to and working with both customers and heating professionals alike, we have developed unique system thinking. Now LK systems are the obvious first choice for many; we are very proud of this. Our pride further inspires us to continue and evolve and improve our products and systems, ensuring they remain the best available to the market.

The LK Group

LK Systems AB is one of 13 subsidiaries of Lagerstedt & Krantz AB. The group includes manufacturing units for PE-Xa pipe (LK Pex AB), water temperature control units, valves and fabrications (LK Armatur AB) and specialist valves for the offshore oil industry (LK Valves AB), plus property, trading and supply subsidiaries for the HVAC markets in Norway and Finland.

Products and Systems

What makes us so successful? LK HVAC systems were developed by our own team of dedicated engineers, plus we are agents for range of European quality brands. The range includes under floor and radiator space heating, ground heating and snow melting, potable water plumbing and specialist drainage, PE-Xa pipes, Multi-layer Composite pipes, Conduit and a comprehensive range of pipefittings and manifolds. Other services include a technically advanced prefabrication unit supplying specialist pipe installations and OEM’s.

LK’s Product Managers focus on system development that offers user friendliness, easy installation, cost efficiency, low running cost’s with the minimum environmental impact.

The organisation

Ready product availability is a prime motive for LK as a leading manufacturer. That’s why it is our policy to actively work with and through merchant wholesalers to ensure our products are always available.

Our sales are handled by our knowledgeable staff in the sales office and vigorously supported by LK Central Marketing. Our staff of technically competent and experienced sales personnel is there to assist at any level of the HVAC market.

To ensure we meet the market’s need for technical support and quick, competent service, we have developed our organisation with capacity and knowledge to deal with the largest organization and the all-important individual.

Our state of the art warehouse, located in Malmö, ensure efficient distribution to our customers.